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Grenada Fund for Conservation Inc. (GFC) undertakes projects at the school and community level to raise public awareness about the environment, funds and/or leads environmental restoration projects, and occasionally engages in advocacy and lobbying efforts aimed at effecting necessary legislative changes that offer greater protection to endangered national and trans-boundary species.

Building Coastal Resilience in Grenada (La Mer)

Environmental awareness, Youth engagement, Community engagement

In early 2019, we visited schools throughout the east coast to engage the youth and increase awareness about climate change, coastal resilience, and mangrove restoration. 

Environmental Cleanups

Cleanup, Environmental awareness, Public involvement

GFC has been involved in several environmental cleanups for the last few months. We joined the Sandals Foundation team for their International Coastal Cleanup of the St. John’s River estuary on Saturday September 22nd. This inspired us to organize our own cleanups of our projects sites a few months later.

BirdSleuth Girl Guides and Boy Scouts

Bird Watching, Citizen Science, Youth Groups 

In 2018, we held two more BirdSleuth workshops, this time targetting established youth groups to participate. 

The Girl Guides Association and Boy Scouts Association were hosted for two separate workshops, in February and July respectively, in which they received a crash-course in bird-watching and bird conservation. 

Both groups are scheduled for a bird-watching field trip next week as the final component of their workshop!


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