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Capturing our work is important in promoting the importance of conservation and the impact it has on the lives of those involved. 

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Official Documentary

Mother Nature's Care


This spoken word poem was written and recorded by Brandon Brathwaite for Earth Day 2016, under the theme "Trees for the Earth".

Brandon, a young writer, goes by the stage name #SpAw and is a member of the Writers' Association of Grenada.

Climate Change Awareness



SGU Education Conservation Outreach trip to Woburn Mangroves


To celebrate Earth Day and the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival, SGU student group Education Conservation Outreach (ECO) organized a trip to the Woburn mangrove wetlands with Grenadian schoolchildren to plant mangrove seedlings, teach them about the importance of mangroves, as well as to birdwatch and play in the mud.

ECO SGU Returns to Woburn Mangrove - Earth Day 2011


ECO returns to the Woburn Mangrove! Dr. Clare Morrall tells us more about last week's 2013 Earth Day expedition.

Mangrove Restoration


Woburn Bay Grenada Mangrove Restoration Project 2009-2010

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