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Plastic Epidemic

For World Environment Day and World Oceans Day in June this year, we hosted two information fairs in Grenville and St. George's. The theme for both observances was "Beat Plastic Pollution", so of course we provided materials on plastic pollution and advocated for smarter consumer behaviour. I'm also personally very aware of the ills of plastics, especially single-use plastics, and try to avoid them... but our two December cleanups - during which we collected dozens of bags of plastic waste in and near mangroves - have really opened my eyes to the plastic epidemic that we're experiencing.

Plastic is ubiquitous, and unfortunately, eternal. Did you know that the average piece of plastic is only used for 12 minutes, yet takes hundreds or thousands of years to decompose? All the plastic ever produced still exists on the planet; it doesn't go "away". We all need to think seriously about the role this material plays in our lives... it is no longer enough to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - we need to Reconsider whether we really need that thing, and if we don't need it, Refuse it. #EndPlasticPollution

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