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Ocean Spirits Inc.

Ocean Spirits is one of GFC's longest-standing partners. This registered, non-profit conservation organisation is based in St. Patrick, Grenada, and has been operating since 1999. Their main area of research is nesting sea turtles and the beach habitats on which they rely. 

Research themes:
- Saturation tagging program for 20 years
- Population dynamics
- Biometric studies
- satellite tracking with partners Canadian sea turtle

- hatchling success studies
- embryonic development investigations
- hatchling sex determination
- nest temperature studies
- beach profiling
- necropsies
- disease data base creation using blood and

   tissue sampling

The organization also runs an education program,

   consisting of: 
- summer camps
- environmental science clubs
- awareness days
- community turtle watching

Find out more here on their website.

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